The following testimonials are a selection from the many we have received since Phi’on product trials started in 2006. Orbtek Pty Ltd makes no medical claims about the products to cure disease. The products are provided by Phi’on to clients to help with their nutritional requirements only. However, the observations in these testimonials are real and may support the value of using a probiotic and the magnesium oil as part of a health and wellbeing program.
People should consult with a medical professional for medical advice.

Human Wellbeing

I am writing to let you know about my experience with your product Parasole tro eliminate parasites and worms.  I have been trying to rid my body of parasites since 2013. I have had past experience with die of symptoms and expected it would be the same with Parasole.

For the longest time I thought that I had roundworm, however my Doctor told me that it was impossible as we do not have Roundworm in Australia.  Well after two months on the Parasole I produced X4 (12cm- 15cm), Roundworms. I found them while cleaning my toilet! … Yes

I did not experience any unpleasant die-off reactions, the only die off symptom was sleep. I slept for 12 hours one time. 3 eliminations a day is very important. I had moved into a cycle of only 1 and at that point started to feel depressed (another symptom of die off) and  slight malaise. When I increased eliminations again, everything lifted.

It has been over six months and I am still excreting baby worms, there are about 1cm in length, resembling a sewing needle and looks like stretchy slime.  The liver flukes were the first to go. I didn’t even know they were liver flukes, I thought they were rolled up tomato skins from digested food and finally figured it out when I started blending my soups.

Your product is amazingly gentle providing you follow the 3 Eliminations  A DAY -Rule.  I have lost weight, around the waist area, and I don’t have the extended bloated stomach after meals, unless I indulge when I go out, however It doesn’t make me look pregnant. In the past many friends would congratulate on my pregnancy, it became embarrassing after a while. But now that has all gone. Finally, my posture has changed and now wear a constant smile, it is just there, I am not even smiling.

Thank you Phi’on team.

I just wanted to pass on feedback after taking Alkene and Harmony over the course

of 2017. I have noticed palpable improvement in my gut health and overall sense of wellbeing.  I used to catch every bout of gastro as it moved through the workplace and I can honestly say this has become a thing of the past. My digestive health overall has noticeably improved.

Great products, I have definitely made them a mainstay of my daily dietary practises. B. Conant

Just wanted to give you guys I bit of feedback- my husband started in the ignite probitotic about 2 years ago for his psoriasis and unsettled gut issues.

Recently he decided he’d stop taking ignite and try some other probitotic approaches; within about a month of stopping his psoriasis is back with a vengeance and we realised just how much of a difference taking this has been for his health and esp his skin. Ignite had made a big difference to his condition. Nik

I would like to let you know what a great success I have had with your two products that I having been using over the years.

The Harmony Probiotic… I have been taking for over two years – I use it for a severe digestive problem, the probiotic is the only one that can keep the digestive system working properly. I have tried others but this is the only one that is the most effective and now my digestive system has greatly improved.

Phion Magnesium Spray .. for me the best product ever! A few months ago, I had a very nasty fall and damaged the soft tissues in shoulder and down my arm to my wrist.

For weeks, I was unable to use it at all and was on very heavy medication for pain relief then I remembered I had the Magnesium Spray. I started to spray it on the affected areas three times a day, with in a week or even less the pain was dramatically reduced and I started to be able to use my arm again. It is still improving every day and I am getting more activity in my arm

Magnesium Spray as many other benefits for me – lowers stress and anxiety levels, enhances better rest and sleep and I feel like I have more energy than before. As this is the only form of medication I am on, I believe it has helped me tremendously.

My arthritis in my hands has greatly improved also.

I have been very happy to recommend this to all my friends.

Thank you very much also for the wonderful customer service when I contact your office.

JH – Canberra

I have an under active thyroid and have struggled with my weight since puberty. This was compounded by a very slow recovery from ankle surgery last year when I couldn’t walk for many months. I am so excited that within one week of using the Probiotic and Mea Water the excess weight began to literally fall off my body. Without dieting or excessive exercise, my body is now naturally slimming down. The first thing I noticed was that I was no longer feeling starving and craving food.

Thank you Robert for all your health care advice and explaining how your products assist my body to become self-regulating and self-healing. As my digestion comes into balance I can now absorb the nutrients in my food more effectively and have more energy. Within two weeks the stomach pain and indigestion after meals I suffered from has also gone. With the help of your products I am looking forward to being Fabulous when I turn 50!

I spent 7 months in Nepal and India and did not get sick once! No flu, no gastric. Thanks to your probiotic.
Kind regards, EC

Thank you for your wonderful Probiotic Rob. I was suffering from the ‘hot flushes’ and waking up every night around 3 am for the last 5 months.

It only took 3 days taking your serenity probiotic to finally sleep right through the night and I no longer get any hot flushes. I was truly amazed how fast it worked for me. I am also feeling a lot more energetic and haven’t been sick at all over the dreaded flu season.
Thanks again, L

I have been using your probiotics for about 10 weeks now and I must say it has been fantastic! I have no known gut problems at all but your probiotic has worked wonders for my immune system!!!

I had the most reactive form of dust mite allergy. The smallest exposure would set me off and morning sneezing fits were a common occurrence! I took 7.5mL every morning and within 2 weeks I noticed a difference and since then I haven’t had any dust mite reactions. I had also become very reactive to second hand cigarette smoke, which would also set me off instantly… this also no longer happens!

I just love it and will continue using it.
Thanks, N…


I have suffered from CFS and associated symptoms since I was 16 or so. I am now 54 so there is not a working day in my life where this illness was not a big factor. At worst I spent nearly 10 years in bed or under close house arrest due to my inability to expend energy for anything but the most-simple tasks. Nearly all of this time, a peaceful sleep was something I could almost remember. Since I began taking PROBIOTICS the first thing I noticed was that I slept like a baby. My wife noticed it too because she was also able to sleep in that my restlessness always effected her. In addition my stomach and liver gave me much less trouble than ever before. The peaceful sleep patterns also allowed me more energy. My head was clearer and my energy reserves were much improved.

I have also found that I need about one hour less sleep and that I now wake up and hit the ground running instead of trying to shake off the ubiquitous hang over that was part of everyday existence.

I suspect that my immune system is much strong now since I seem to have minimal influence from the regular round of viral complaints that seem to be part of modern living. I would encourage anyone who is familiar with my story to take responsibility for their own immune system and give themselves the best chance of good health with PROBIOTICS.
Regards, F…

We now have almost finished the first bottle of your magic elixir and we both have more energy and feel better for taking it. My wife Julie feels that it has improved her skin, so we believe that the supplement is benefiting us.
With thanks, C…

The medication (Phi’on’s Super probiotic) is great and helps me a lot. I don’t know how I lived without it. I have never had a flatter stomach and the feelings of having rocks in my stomach have gone. I give it 10 out of 10. Keep up the good work, and I hope to, one day to meet the master behind this magic liquid.
Kind regards, L.

I went to a BBQ last weekend and several people remarked on how well I was looking… and of course I mentioned Phi’on’s Probiotic brew… so I now need to order 4 litres of the Super (one of the people has just had a cancer operation, so is very keen to start on a probiotic program) Much Love, B…

The super probiotic is working very well for me. Also, I have done a fair bit of study now on urine pH levels and the links to good health, etc. through a health/wellbeing professional who I got in to talk to my staff on a regular basis. I took a lot of acidic foods out of my diet and really noticed the results. Please send me another litre of the Super Probiotic.
Regards, P…

A friend gave me a bottle of your probiotic and I have been taking 10ml every day since November. It has had a very good effect and has taken my unbalanced guts which are a mess from the treatment of amebic dysentery contracted in South America years ago, not to mention the malaria and other bugs which screwed up the liver.

Are you able to ship me another litre by post? I have kept a diary of the progress and am very surprised at the results. Initially, I broke out on sores on my face and neck – toxins coming out I assume – they eventually disappeared, guts became regular and stools firm, I then started putting on weight, however that has settled down and my condition continues to improve. I would suggest that the probiotic would be very good for people with irritable bowel syndrome.

Many of my health issues started from drug treatments for my health conditions and these drugs were killing-off all the natural bugs in my gut and making me very sensitive to yeasts, sugar, meat and flour. I will continue to study my progress with the probiotic and see what the long-term effects are.
Cheers, C…

The probiotic is very good. I feel a lot better and my liver is in a better state too. Also, we are taking some extra sea minerals and the sodium-bicarbonate. Does this mean I can now drink more red wine?
Love, A…

I just wanted to send a thank you email, I have been using your products for a month now to help me combat my. Chronic inflammation disorder. For 2years I was unable to get my CRP levels down in my system. They were always elevated. Until my most recent blood test which showed a significant drop! I
am finally on the road to recovery and I have to thank you for this! Regards, S…

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Magnesium Oil

Good morning,
I thought you might like some feedback about your magnesium oil which I purchased recently on the recommendation of my daughter who uses the oil.

Since developing Guillain Barre Syndrome some six years ago I have had severe cramping in my legs, mostly at night. I have very sensitive skin so the first application of the oil caused a slight rash and a stinging sensation. I obviously was too enthusiastic in applying!

Second application: I rubbed it into my feet, as suggested, and dabbed a small amount onto my legs. To my utter amazement I have not had a cramp since. It has been two weeks now and the relief is quite incredible. I only need to use the oil every few days. I am hoping that it will eventually help the circulation also.

Thank you for giving me a better night’s sleep
Kind regards, PW

6 weeks ago my Dr prescribed some drugs and predicted that they would cause me to experience vivid dreams which happened along with waking during the night then having difficulty getting back to sleep causing me to feel tired in the morning.

I am thrilled that ever since you suggested I massage my feet with the ‘Energy cream’ and ‘Mag Oil’, which I have done every night combined with the roller footsy massager, I have slept right through and am now not aware of any dreams again – back to normal for me as I never remember dreaming and do not usually wake up through the night.

So I am such a fan of the oil and like it combined with the Energy cream rubbed briskly not only into the bottom of the feet for a few minutes but on the top of them and up the bottom part of my legs.
All the best, Kay

I went down to Canberra to our daughter-in-law who was very ill while I was down there and in hospital the whole time. Just thought I would let you know that I feel the magnesium oil was extremely helpful in the turnaround of her health.

As she was in hospital we could not give her anything to swallow orally so as she had no energy and just was not recovering and I thought there must be something I can do – so decided to rub her feet with the oil. The next day she said that she felt a little bit better and the next day after that she was sitting up and had more energy than the other 2 weeks that I had been there. By the fourth day of oil rubbing she went down to the gym and was riding the stationary bike for 7 minutes and the physio thought she had better stop.

Her emotional state also vastly improved – she had been very upset and weepy – after the oil she brightened up – and was smiling on the 4th day. Soooo thankyou thankyou thankyou! You have truly been a Godsend and a blessing to us. Now we will try to get her head around taking a few things in the mineral line – but for the moment she is a lot better than she was.

Thanking you again C…

Bob has been raving about your magnesium oil and that this oil has reduced the skin cancers on his arms… so I thought that we had better send some to me.
Regards, J…

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Animal Probiotic

“ I have used Balance Animal Probiotic on my horse after a long dose of antibiotics. The change in him over a short period of time was amazing. I highly recommend this product.” Tracey

Just some information on the treatment we did whilst I was in NZ. Kath and I visited her sister’s property in Huntly and she was worried about a farmer friend who had mastitis in his herd. One cow, number 13, was infected with a ulcer on one of her teats and did not respond to antibiotics.

I left Loraine with my human probiotic which I carry always when travelling, and she applied this directly onto the teat. She also gave this cow 50 mil direct down the throat. In 48 hrs the cow was fixed. The vet was surprised as he had advised the farmer to shoot the animal.

Loraine gave the rest to the other infected animals till it ran out. Loraine just applied the product direct on to the teat as directed. All 14 animals responded well. Loraine breeds quality racehorses and recently sold a colt to Gai Waterhouse.

I have sent her a bottle of the human and the animal product and Kath will visit her in November and check on the results.
Kind regards, Roger

We got the probiotics at the end of last week, and I gave the goats a dose on Friday and they immediately – immediately – went out of the shed and started grazing in the paddock, and stayed out there most of the day. Great result – but the best news is that the yield went up by about 5%, even in such a short time. You’re a bloomin’ miracle worker!
Love, Jen


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