Serenity – Calmative Probiotic – 500ml


Serenity – Calmative Probiotic – 500ml

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Serenity is Phions Calmative Probiotic – Serenity entails all of the classic factors of the Harmony with added calmative herbs and plant derived minerals.

The term PROBIOTICS (beneficial microbes) is derived from the Greek language and literally means for life. Probiotic is used to describe the friendly microbes that live and work in the gut, guarding against harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses, and strengthening the immune and endocrine systems. Probiotics promote your body’s natural immunity, aid digestion and improve overall health or wellbeing.

The Phion probiotics contain additional herbs and trace minerals that are reported to specifically support the performance of the immune, endocrine, circulatory and nervous systems and generally support other systems of the body.

The Phion probiotics contains a range of readily available anti-oxidants, herbs, minerals (eg. carbonates) and beneficial (food grade) microbes that are listed under the Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA). The contents of this formulation are fermented with beneficial microbes (eg. Lactic Acid Bacteria) over a period of 4-6 weeks so that the beneficial microbes potentate the herbs, minerals, salts, acids, etc. through transmutations or transformations to organic forms of amino acids, enzymes, nutrients and other compounds the body needs and can readily use. The herbs and minerals used in this formulation are in very small amounts and contained within a very fine grade stocking (tea bag) so that the particles are not contained within the brew, however their surface areas are exposed to the microbes in the liquid

Serenity is suited for teenagers to adults.

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