Phi’on Products Overview

The Phi’on products are designed to address the fundamental link between healthy soils and healthy plants, water, animals and humans. The human link to life on Earth revolves around biology and trace minerals, along with light, water and associated energy systems and the geometry of all elements of life.

All products are made in awareness of life energy flows, boundaries, order and intent.

The products are intended to redress the imbalance in life created by chemical farming, processed and synthetic food, industrialised pollution of the soil, water and air, and the downward spiral of human and animal health as a result of this environmental degradation, including food contamination and loss of nutrients.

All of the products are based on natural elements, detailed research, product testing and quality control.

Phi’on is divided into a number of product groups to address humanand animal wellbeing, soil and plant health (biological farming),water condition, and the health of domestic and industrial space.


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