The Ph’ion Story

The Team

Robert Gourlay, RFD, B.App.Sc, M.App.Sc.

Rob is the Managing Director and Chief Scientist of Orbtek Pty Ltd (, and Environmental Research and Information Consortium Pty Ltd (ERIC, specialising in biological research and resource assessment and management. He has extensive experience in biological research and is an acknowledged expert in  natural resource assessment and management, soil and water management, biological farming and trace mineral applications. This includes addressing the issues of food, water and alternative energy security and integrity, which he does through his products and services at

Rob pioneered a new mapping technique for the location of deep, fractured rock groundwater sources, and is a world leader in the development and application of techniques in the use of airborne radiometric data for mapping salinity, other soil properties and minerals. Since 2000, Rob has developed and commercialised a wide range of biological formulations for soil, plants, water and air, including probiotics for animals and humans. He has also pioneered and developed a world leading technology for the conditioning of water structure, including treatment of waste water.

Robert and Stephanie Gourlay

Rob and Stephanie Gourlay own and manage  the product research, development and production laboratories at their property “Mangiri”, near Mongarlowe NSW.

Both have been involved with alternative health practices for over 35 years,  and their understanding about the role of nutrition and microbial balancing from the soil to the gut inspired the development of  the Phi’on range of products.

Insect free cabbage

The Mangiri property provides inspiration, and many of the resources, for their business. It offers abundant wildlife, clean air and water, and biologically active soil where Rob and Stephanie grow their own organic and nutrient dense food.

Rob and Stephanie employ a skilled team that share the same enthusiasm and passion that embraces the Phi’on culture.

Nutrient Dense Food


About the Company and Products

Phi’on: the Product Range Name

The product name Phi’on honours the elements of life, and the geometry and energy that embrace life.

The Phi’on Products

  1. The Phi’on products are designed to address the fundamental link between healthy soils and healthy plants, water, animals and humans. The human link to life on Earth revolves around biology and trace minerals, along with light, water, associated energy systems and the geometry of all elements of life.
  2. All products are made in awareness of life energy flows, boundaries, order and intent.
  3. The products are intended to redress the imbalance in life created by chemical farming, processed and synthetic food, industrialised pollution of the soil, water and air, and the downward spiral of human and animal health as a result of this environmental degradation, including food contamination and loss of nutrients.
  4. All of the products are based on natural elements, detailed research, product testing and quality control.
  5. Phi’on is divided into a number of product groups to address human and animal well-being, soil and plant health (biological farming), water condition, and the health of domestic and industrial space.

Diversity and Richness of Species

Phi’on Product Philosophy

The Phi’on product label is built around people with a common desire  for global security of all life forms through better nutrition and well-being.

The products are designed to:

  1. Empower people to take responsibility for their life. When people take responsibility for their well-being they understand how life truly works in harmony with nature;
  2. Restore the well-being of the Planet. The product focus is to achieve an improved quality of life through creative and informed living, and collaboration with all life-forms;
  3. Commitment. To utilise the best practices of business and science to create and develop life-affirming products and services;
  4. Innovation. To maintain a research and product innovation focus on the progressive edge of human knowledge and creativity;
  5. Awareness. The Company’s actions are aligned with the increasing awareness of how all life forms interact and are sustained by all elements and energies of the planet and universe; and
  6. Relationships. Company directors, staff and consultants work as a team, with trust and respect for each other, are personally accountable, and value healthy relationships with all life forms.

The Challenge

  1. The challenge for Orbtek Pty Ltd and the development of the Phi’on range of products is to provide a fully integrated solution for people, families and communities and the environmental systems that they rely on or manage. The challenge is also to address water and food security that are two of the most pressing economic, environmental and social issues facing the planet.
  2. The Phi’on range of products will challenge conventional thinking about how life works and how well-being is sustained in animals and humans. Orbtek Pty Ltd has a continuous focus on research and product innovation through thorough and independent testing by professionals in the fields of complementary medicine, veterinary science, soil biology, plant physiology, organic chemistry and environmental science. In this respect, the company provides a faculty of knowledge-building around the science of well-being.
  3. The Phi’on range of products will support biological food production and processing by providing an alternative to chemical fertilisers and genetic modification that have led to a range of environmental and health issues. For example, nutrition has seriously declined in plants, drinking water has been polluted and food producers and processors largely rely on chemicals. In short, this increasing and unsustainable industrialisation of food has degraded the health of the planet.
  4. The response by Orbtek Pty Ltd is to rise to the challenge of providing a life-sustaining way forward using alternative products and services along with innovative technologies and basic principles of nutrient recycling, and restoration of natural resources.

The stunning Mongarlowe property

The Company Services

Orbtek Pty Ltd provides a range of professional services in close collaboration with colleagues in complementary fields of work or interests.

These services include:

  1. 1.Workshops on human and animal well-being with an emphasis on the link between nutrition and well-being. Workshop programs are posted on this website.
  2. 2.Demonstrations on sustainable living, including food production, food preparation, soil and plant health, microbial balancing in the home, work areas and areas of animal housing and management.
  3. Personal health care through alternative health practices and treatments, relaxation and yoga, and nutrition.
  4. Consultancy services on microbial balancing, farm management, bio-conversion and organic waste management, water conditioning, groundwater exploration and management, resource mapping, geo-tech reports, and environmental assessments.

The Science

  1. At the outset Orbtek Pty Ltd focused on the development and implementation of Microbial Balancing Technology (MBT) featuring the use of beneficial micro-organisms and trace minerals. The microbial technology is based on blending communities of beneficial microbes commonly found in natural ecosystems. Simplistically, the environment of micro-organisms includes competitive exclusion, natural control of diseases and the production of a balanced ecology of microbes. MBT is essential to the nutritional density of food, water quality and disease management. This includes the science of microbial balancing for domestic and industrial surfaces (air, animal housing, bench-tops, etc.) that people and animals come into contact with on a daily basis. The obvious benefits include sustainable farming and animal and human health.

    Science that embraces nature

  2. The company has developed and will continue to innovate the science of infusion of plant constituents (eg. the medicinal qualities and constituents of herbs such as phytonutrients) into fermentations and other formulations that can include beneficial microbes, extracts from seawater, essential oils, antioxidant juices, etc.
  3. The company will also continue to research and develop the application of trace minerals in all of the well-being products, specifically around the use of the trace and nano (rare earth) minerals for nutritional purposes.



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