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Phión products have been developed by Robert Gourlay’s group of research companies since 2003. This research development aimed to produce nutrient dense products and structured (negatively charged) that supported the human body’s natural capacity to regulate and heal. That is, Phión made products are foods in a liquid and bioavailable form.

Phión makes no health claims about these products.  Such claims are not necessary, as the human body has a capacity to prevent disease and to cure a disease.  The products are not the cure: they are facilitators in to improve the capacity of the natural body processes.  This capacity for is highly dependent on the quality of food and water that a person uses daily, and a lifestyle that avoids expose to toxins and environmental stresses.

The Phi’on philosophy is that quality (nutrient dense) food and water is the pathway to a healthy system. Our primary role in business is education on how to live a healthier and longer life without disease and expensive health costs.  We are simply providing people with an alternative to other products on the market.

Robert and Stephanie have dedicated over 20 years to the Phion products and research.


We are sometimes asked questions about whether the Phión products are organic, registered or listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), or our water devices have Standards Australia certification.  That is:

  • Are Phion products certified organic?
  • Are Phion ingredients organic?
  • Are Phion products registered or listed with the TGA?
  • Are Phión water devices approved by Standards Australia?

The answer to these questions is NO.

The implication in these questions is that organic certification, TGA registered or listed or Standards certification means a higher quality product, because it is independently tested against a set standard. These organisations do not vouch for quality, product integrity or capacity to perform certain functions, eg. for example in the case of our MEA water devices, Standards Australia could not vouch that the devices will produce water with a permanent negative charge.

The food products produced by Phión are in two categories:

  • Probiotic: That is a liquid fermented food product that contains beneficial biology, plant and mineral nutrients. All naturally growing food is covered in biology and this is the natural and evolved pathway of biology and nutrients into the digestive system for animals and humans
  • Prebiotics: These products are derived from natural sources (eg. plants and minerals) and are the fundamental food for gut biology to digest and for the blood to absorb and assimilate in all regulation and healing processes.

All food and water that has been sourced freshly or grown by Phi’on (less than 2 days old) from natural sources has a natural vibration or frequency that the gut biology recognises for digestion.  Foods that are genetically modified, chemically treated, radiated, dried, stored for more than 2 days; are not nutrient dense and have either lost their life-force energy (dehydrated) or started life with a low energy base.

Phión has developed two basic and unique strategies for products to increase and sustain life-force or life-affirming energies:

  • All Phión made products are made with structured water that has a permanent negative charge that is the natural charge of cell life. This charge sustains the vitality of food materials, eliminates pathogenic microbes (eg. E. Coli) and neutralises toxins.
  • Food materials used by Phión are either grown by Phión to be nutrient dense without chemicals or selected from organic or natural sources, where this is possible.

People who select and purchase Phión products for probiotics or prebiotics understand that the products have a benefical effect on their wellbeing. Our clients also understand that their body has a natural capcity for cellular regulation, regeneration and healing, ie. they are the cure.


The processes in Australia for certification, registration or listing are designed to set standards for products and any claims (particularly therapeutic) made about a product.  All certifying bodies are independent of government funding and derive their income from the payments from companies to achieve certification. Large corporations are the primary sources of income for the TGA, Food Standards Australia New Zealand and Standards Australia.   Australian Certified Organic is also an independent business that derives income from the payments for organic certification.

The Australian Certified Organic label requires product producers to follow standards set by the respective certifying body which ensures that a certain percentage of ingredients have been grown without toxins or other chemical inputs.  Overall, these organisations aim to inspire credibility and integrity in product development for the net benefit of the Australian community.  In many respects, these organisations are essential to support consumer confidence in product integrity, however the set standards do not always have a base in modern science, and certainly do not keep pace with new innovations in industry.

The question is: does a certification guarantee product integrity or credibility.  The answer is NO. Besides, people need to make choices in the market place, particularly for products that are not certified and are available at less cost as they do not carry the costs of achieving and sustaining a certification that may be irrelevant to the product’s function or integrity.

For example, we now live in environments that have contaminated soil, water and air and it is unlikely that any food or food ingredient is totally pure (toxin and chemical free, including airborne radiation from past nuclear disasters or explosions). In many respects, we are surrounded by radiation, air and water pollution from chemical use.  The air is a global transporter of toxins, and similarly wind and rainfall are pathways for toxins.

Organic certification can be very useful in the market place when it comes to unprocessed (natural) food to ensure it is free of pesticides and not genetically modified.  However, the situation is different when it comes to ingredients that are fermented (digested) to extract the complex compounds that support cell regulation and healing, and neutralise impurities and unwanted components eg. heavy metals).  Phión developed a process of biological digestion (fermentation) that contains the negatively charged (structured water) to eliminate pathogenic microbes (eg. E. Coli) and neutralise toxins.  It is these unique processing in the preparation of the Phión products that provides a food grade result.

Phión has chosen to focus on natural, edible (non-synthetic and non- genetically- modified) ingredients based on how much they help the body processes in regulation and healing, rather than the tick of approval by certifying bodies.  Natural is almost always best in our opinion. However, just because an ingredient is natural doesn’t mean it is necessarily safe and effective in a formulation.

There are many excellent certified products in the marketplace and we think it is great that there has been a shift towards the certified products in Australia.  However, in our situation where our business is word of mouth, our focus on natural products, and producing products that support the natural processes of regulation and healing; we feel that the cost of certification is firstly unnecessary and unjustified.  Besides, we make no claims about that the products will produce a health result, as this result is entirely within the capacity of all humans to achieve with a proper diet and lifestyle. It is more important for Phi’on to focus on the product ingredients and the process of achieving product integrity rather than whether our ingredient suppliers or our Phión produced ingredients are part of the organic labelling scheme.

Phi’on product quality control

All Phi’on made products are tested for quality, and packed freshly for dispatch to clients.   Phi’on is constantly involved in the upgrade of production facilities, staff training, and measurement equipment.  We have an ongoing process of continuos improvement through these of external laboratory measurement to check product integrity

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