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Phi’on products are designed to address the fundamental link between healthy soils and healthy plants, water, animals and humans. 

They take into account the essential links to life on Earth: biology, trace minerals, light, water and associated energy systems, and the geometry of life.

All products are made in awareness of life energy flows, boundaries, order and intent.

The products are intended to redress the imbalance in life created by chemical farming, processed and synthetic food, industrialised pollution of the soil, water and air, and the downward spiral of human and animal health as a result of this environmental degradation, including food contamination and loss of nutrients.

All of the products are based on natural elements, detailed research, product testing and quality control.

Phi’on is divided into a number of product groups to address human and animal well-being, soil and plant health (biological farming), water condition, and the health of domestic and industrial space. Choose the graphic above to learn more about the Phi’on range.

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Upcoming events

Health and Wellbeing @ Mongarlowe
Oct 14 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


‘Health and Wellbeing’
Health Optimisation One Day Workshop

A whole day focused on your Health and Wellbeing

Learn the correct Diet and Lifestyle choices for your best health.
This Inspirational Workshop will help you to optimise your
good health, plus gain essential information on disease
prevention to maintain wellbeing into your future…

You will Learn Essential Fundamentals of Health and Wellbeing:

  • How the body works to sustain life and optimal health

  • Gut biology and disease prevention

  • Basic health strategies

  • How to increase energy levels

  • Every day and practical measures to promote wellbeing

  • Understanding probiotics and nutrient dense food

    This workshop has been designed & is presented by Robert Gourlay. Robert is an environmental scientist who draws on his extensive experience since 1979 in alternative health measures. This includes growing nutrient dense food, developing & producing probiotics for humans and animals and developing health supporting techniques and formulations for soil, plants, air and water.

Practitioner Accelerator Workshop @ Mongarlowe
Nov 4 @ 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Includes lunch and materials. Prior attendance at Advanced required. Pre workshop preparation is required.

Biological Food Production – Workshop @ Mongarlowe
Nov 18 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Biological Food Production Workshop

A new direction in the production of food with integrity 

Come along for an inspirational day of learning

SATURDAY November 18th 9am – 3pm

Enjoy our peaceful bush setting by the Mongarlowe River

Learn to GROW ABUNDANT NUTRIENT DENSE FOOD naturally in your Home Garden or Commercial Farming Enterprise using the latest innovative developments in organic land and plant care.

In this fascinating workshop Robert Gourlay, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Phi’on, unfolds the secret life of soil and plants, innovative Living Water technology, and the essentials behind successful food production.


• Improve soil quality
• Decrease growing period to plant maturity
• Increase plant resilience to temperature variations
• Increase plant yield & plant nutrient uptake by up to 4 fold
• Significantly decrease insect attack, plant diseases & fungal attack • Use Biological formulations for water conditioning and odour control

….and grow nutritious chemical free produce on any scale.

PLUS, get to see our unique biological formulation production processes first hand, and examine a small scale working farm production facility.

“The secret to sustainable farming is to create and maintain a biologically active, living soil with balanced, abundant and a

diverse population of microbes; and high quality water”

Book by October 1st for the special EARLY BIRD PRICE of $120 Includes Delicious Lunch and Refreshments
Full price investment $150

Booking essential as places are limited

Book Online Here 

Contact Rosa on 0429 318 112 or email


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